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Jim Ross Q&A: The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega Calling Out New Day, Rating Jericho As a Heel, Undertaker Retirement Rumors and More

A new Jim Ross Q&A has been posted over at JRsBarBQ.com and below are some highlights. As a reminder, you can purchase tickets to JR’s “RINGSIDE” shows over WrestleMania weekend via Ticketmaster.com:

On The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega calling out The New Day:

“Seems as if they are just having fun with their challenge as they know that it’s not going to happen but we’re talking about it so it must be effective.”

On how he rates Chris Jericho’s current heel work:

“Jericho uses tried and true, fundamental pro wrestling villain techniques to make him effective. He’s a master in ring psychologist.”

On The Undertaker retirement rumors:

“The Undertaker isn’t going to retire without a MAJOR, WWE promotion/announcement. We haven’t heard that and I have said countlessly on the Ross Report, Taker is staying around until he wants to hang them up.”