Becky Lynch Talks Wrestlemania Revenge In Ireland, Family Support, How Does She Think She Would Fare Against Boxer Katie Taylor?

becky Lynch
Photo Credit: / Miguel Discart

WWE Diva Becky Lynch recently spoke with The Irish Sun in advance of the Wrestlemania Revenge Tour, which will stop in Ireland’s 3 Arena on April 21st. 

Lynch, who competes for the WWE Divas Championship at Wrestlemania 32 this Sunday, talks about the WWE Divas impressing crowds, her family’s support in her career and more. You can read a few excerpts below: 

Becky Lynch talks about the new crop of Divas wowing the WWE crowds: 

“That has been the goal all the time coming up from [developmental branch] NXT. We just want to make people take notice. So that is what I feel like we are doing. We have done a lot of work but have more to do – that is what we are doing right now and really changing the game.”

Lynch talks about returning home to Ireland with the WWE Divas Championship:

“It’s Wrestlemania for the title so I am hoping I am going to bring it back. I fancy my chances pretty highly. Hopefully I will come home with the championship belt and make everyone proud. And we can give them a show they won’t forget.”

Lynch talks about her family’s support in her career: 

“My family are so supportive, I talk to my brother constantly and I will ask him for advice. My mom is really supportive but is always worried about my safety. She is always texting to see if I am alright. 

“I have had little bumps here and there but on the most part I am very lucky and am quite durable. I am always taking care of myself, my recovery, nutrition, staying healthy so I can do this for as long as possible.”

How does she think she would fare in the ring against Olympic boxing champion Katie Taylor? 

“Katie is a bad ass. I might last a full round. Irish women in general in sport are kicking ass at the moment.”