Lucha Underground Results (3/30) – Matanza vs Pentagon Jr, Trio’s Elimination Match, Rey Mysterio Appearance


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Lucha Underground Results

March 30th, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Dario Cueto & Pentagon Jr. In-Ring Promo: 

Last week was just the beginning for what Cueto has in-stored for the believer’s. First, Cueto is happy to announce that this week he will be starting a brand new Trio’s Tournament. As far as the number one contender to my brother’s championship is concern, Cueto has a brilliant idea. Pentagon Jr comes out to interrupt Cueto. Pentagon tells Cueto to hold on for a minute. Pentagon asks Cueto if he wants to know why his brother won the Lucha Underground Championship last week?

It was because Pentagon wasn’t involved in Aztec Warfare. Cueto says that maybe Pentagon was not apart of Aztec Warfare, because well he’s not championship material. Pentagon grabs Cueto by the throat. Pentagon wants to fight Matanza in the main event. Pentagon goes to break the arm of Cueto, but Cueto grants Pentagon he wish. Pentagon says that he, his brother, his master and the entire world will find out who Pentagon Jr. is. Pentagon Jr. has zero fear. 

First Match: Taya Valkyrie & Johnny Mundo vs. Mr. Cisco & Cortez Castro 

Valkyrie and Castro starts off the match. Valkyrie with a shoulder tackle to Castro. Castro drops Valkyrie with a dropkick for a two count. Castro goes for a suplex, but Valkyrie counters with a flying clothesline. Castro tags in Cisco. The Crew with a double team boot to the gut of Valkyrie. The Crew connects with the double team running bulldog for a two count. Valkyrie with the hurricanrana to Cisco. Valkyrie tags in Mundo. Mundo with a series of forearms to Cisco for a one count. Mundo with a side slam for a two count. Mundo connects with the Moonlight Drive for a two count.

Mundo goes for the End of the World, but Cisco rolls him up for a two count. Cisco with a right hand and a neck breaker to Cisco. Cisco tags in Castro. Castro with knife edge chops to Mundo. Castro goes for a back body drop, but Mundo get’s back on his feet and tags in Valkyrie. Castro with a dropkick that knocks Mundo off the ring apron. Valkyrie with the basement dropkick to Castro. Castro with a spinning clothesline to Valkyrie. Castro plants Valkyrie with a DDT for a two count. Mundo with a knee strike to Castro. Cisco sends Mundo to the outside. Cisco goes for a baseball slide dropkick, but Mundo counters with a clothesline. Brian Cage comes out. Mundo back pedals out of the ring. Valkyrie with a series of forearms to Castro. The Crew with the Psycho Relm to pickup the victory. 

Winner: Mr. Cisco & Cortez Castro