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ESPN’s WWE Off The Top Rope: Shane McMahon Talks Wrestlemania 32, Reaction To His Return, Working Out With Eli Manning

The following is a recap from yesterday’s special edition of ESPN’s WWE Off The Top Rope interview with Shane McMahon: 

Jonathan Coachman welcomes Shane McMahon to a special edition of WWE Off The Top Rope, and hypes up Wrestlemania and Shane’s match with Undertaker. 

Shane says he’s a little sore, but his adrenaline was going and he is just getting ready for Sunday. Coach asks how he can top Monday’s elbow drop, and Shane says Undertaker is the measuring stick and he just needs to put everything on the line and give it his all. Coach says Shane has become known for big spots and asks what stands out, and Shane says he only expected to have one match. He says it all built from his one match and it’s grown into what kind of reputation he has today. 

Coach says this is more than just having guts, and he asks what else it takes to push himself like he does. Shane says it’s drive and competitive nature, then Coach talks about Shane’s kids and asks what it’s like to get to perform in front of his kids. Shane says that’s what it’s all about and he can’t give his kids a bigger gift than this whole experience, and he is really excited about it. 

Coach says Shane has been around from the beginning, and asks about watching all of the success of Wrestlemania. Shane says people don’t understand how much his father bet on making Wrestlemania a success, and it really is something to see them now having Wrestlemania 32. Coach asks about Shane’s return, and Shane says it was all goosebumps and he was blown away by the reaction he got, because he never experienced or heard anything else like it. Shane says it was an awesome moment and it got to him, and he even cried so he can’t thank the crowd that night enough. 

Shane talks a bit about the shape he’s in now and his trainers, then Coach asks about a rumor of Shane working out with Eli Manning. Shane says it’s true and they ran into each other on a trip, and they ended up doing some passing drills and he was a cool guy. Coach asks what’s next after Sunday, and Shane says he doesn’t know, but he hopes it’s going to be him walking out on RAW Monday night in control of the show. 

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