blue meanie
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The Blue Meanie Talks About His New Action Figure, His ‘Defining Moment’ In Wrestling, New Logos For Wrestlemania 33 Venue

Blue Meanie 

ECW’s The Blue Meanie (Brian Heffron) recently spoke with the UK Wrestling Figs blog about his new action figure with Figures Toy Company, which will be his first-ever action figure.

Meanie talks about the process or creating the figure, his defining moment in wrestling, and more: 


The Blue Meanie talks about getting his first action figure: 

I was fortunate to have a very hands on process with the great folks at Figures Toy Company. They allowed me to have say on the gear. Hair style and beard. I ultimately chose my gear from Wrestlepalooza 1998 but chose to have my current beard style. I’m BLOWN AWAY by the amount of detail I have seen so far. Everyone who has seen asked me if they scanned me with a laser.

They were equally amazed when I tell them that it was hand sculpted. They pretty much nailed it right off the bat. I am very, very excited and flattered.

What would Meanie consider as his ‘defining moment’ in wrestling? 

I’ve been able to so SO MANY cool things in my career in ECW and WWE. I would have to say the debut of the bWo. It was supposed to be a one night deal and turned out to have a lengthy run. It also led to a push for Stevie for the ECW title and allowed the bWo to be part of ECW’s FIRST pay per view “Barely Legal”. People still talk about bWo to this day.

Who would he want to be paired with in a action figure two-pack? 

I’d love to have one vs. Tracy Smothers. Not only did we have a great feud. He was a mentor in and our of the ring. 

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