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Lucha Underground Results (5/11) – Who Survives Graver Consequences ?, Trios Championship Match


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Lucha Underground Results

May 11th, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Dario Cueto Segment: 

Cueto has a meeting in a bar under the temple with a man who has yet to be identified. The man says that Cueto is late. Cueto asks the man if he ever ran a underground promotion? Cueto hands over a envelope to the man and starts walking away. The man tells Cueto have a seat because there’s no rush. The man goes over the fact that the FBI is conducting a investigation on the temple. The man says that he’s going to bring his client to the temple. The man asks Cueto if he thought his brother was going to have all the fun. 

First Match: Joey Ryan vs. Cortez Castro vs. Mr. Cisco in a Aztec Medallion Match 

Ryan immediately attacks Cisco as the bell rings. Castro chops Ryan in the chest. The Crew with a double team bulldog to Ryan. Ryan rolls out of the ring in frustration . Cisco ducks a clothesline and drops Castro with a shoulder tackle. Cisco with a roll up for a two count. Castro with a enziguri to Cisco. Castro with a suplex for a two count. Ryan storms back into the ring. Ryan school boys Castro to pickup the victory. 

Winner: Joey Ryan