Sin Cara
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If WWE Enforces a Weight Limit for the Cruiserweights, Which Currently Contracted Raw Stars Are Eligible for the Returning Division?

With the announcement of the return of the Cruiserweight Division on WWE Raw, and the likely return of the Cruiserweight Championship, if WWE does in fact follow the 225lb weight limit that has applied to the title in the past, there are currently 10 Raw Superstars and 2 undrafted superstars who qualify for that weight limit.

The following weights are based on’s roster stats:

Seth Rollins 217lbs

Finn Balor 190lbs

Kofi Kingston 212lbs

Xavier Woods 205lbs

Sami Zayn 205lbs

Enzo Amore 200lbs

Neville 194lbs

R-Truth 220lbs

Sin Cara 198lbs

Primo 210lbs

Undrafted Superstars:

Heath Slater 216lbs

Tyson Kidd 204lbs

There are also 6 Raw superstars who are between 225 and 235 who could potentially compete for the title of they cut weight:

Chris Jericho 227lbs

Cesaro 232lbs

Goldust 232lbs

Bo Dallas 234lbs

Epico 230lbs

Curtis Axel 228lbs

Should WWE decide to enforce the 205lb weight limit currently being used for the Cruiserweight Classic, then Finn Balor, Xavier Woods, Sami Zayn, Enzo Amore, Neville and Sin Cara would qualify for the division.

Thanks to WZ reader Liam Roberge for contributing to the above article.