Backstage News on the Future of Lucha Underground, Plans for a Fourth Season, Show Presentation, Second Season Ratings Details, More

lucha underground

According to, there are plans in place to film a fourth season of Lucha Underground, and that might happen in the fall or early winter of this year as long as logistics are worked out. A complete third season of the show has already been filmed, bringing the total number of LU episodes shot to 100. The third season will premiere on El Rey Network later this year.

Ratings for season two of Lucha Underground were up considerably from season one, and the amount of shows currently “in the can” will be an important number as syndicators look to license the show internationally.

Additionally, Lucha Underground will be featured as part of an El Rey presentation of new fall shows at the Paley Center for Media in NYC on 9/10 at 5:10pm. The presentation will be coupled with a screening of the “From Dust ‘Till Dawn” TV series. You can get more details on the presentation at