WWE NXT Orlando Live Event Results (7/29): Authors of Pain vs TM61, No Way Jose vs Riddick Moss, NXT Returning to Orlando at New Venue

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NXT Orlando Live Event Results


Orlando, FL

Results courtesy of PWInsider.com

Charly Caruso is the hostess and ring announcer for the evening.

– Rich Swann def. Steve Cutler – Fun opener. The crowd is into Swann. Cutler is a solid guy in the ring, too. A perfect way to get a crowd going at the start.

 – Aliyah def. Liv Morgan – Decent match. The two are legit friends, so this ended up playing out as a face vs. face match and that hurt the crowd a bit. Considering their experience levels, this match is what you would expect. It was fun in some parts, a little off and sloppy in others, but decent stuff all around.

– Sawyer Fulton and Alexander Wolfe def. Niko Bogojevic and Tucker Knight – A solid tag match. The early parts were spent with the heels not being able to overcome Niko’s strength advantage, until using dirty teamwork as a way to get the upper hand. I like Knight and Bogojevic as a team. They’re both 300 plus pound guys who can move well. It might be the avenue to help Knight move up the ranks. There are opportunities in the tag team division right now. We’ll see if the pairing sticks.

– No Way Jose def. Riddick Moss – This was actually the match of the night. It was the perfect example of how you can use characters and personas to get a match over and not have to use a million moves. There weren’t a lot of crazy over the top moves, but the crowd was always into the match. This was also the best I’ve seen No Way Jose look in the ring.

– Oney Lorcan def. Tino Sabbatelli – This was another really good match. These two have good chemistry together. Most of this was Tino working Oney over. Oney was always fighting to knock the bigger Tino off his feet. It was just a really entertaining match. Keep an eye out for Tino Sabbatelli. He has every thing WWE likes and looks for. If he keeps progressing like he is, he will be a star. 

– Hugo Knox was brought out to cut a promo. He was asked about the draft and proceeded to rag on some of the drafted talents. He then started to run down the crowd, before focusing on one couple in particular. It was a segment that went on way too long and lost the crowd very quickly. The fans started getting restless and chanting “We Want Wrestling”. I like Hugo’s look and his in ring work is ok, but his mic work is still a struggle. It’s not lack of confidence, but his accent is so thick, it can be hard to understand at times and he doesn’t always command the crowd’s attention  

– Billie Kay def. Ember Moon – An enjoyable match. Ember is on another level than most of the women on the roster and moves so well. Billie Kay looked decent in there. She was also using different music than was used on NXT TV (and on previous house shows). 

– The Authors of Pain def. TM61 – This was a good, aggressive match. Each side was laying in the shots to each other. Most of the match was Shane Thorne getting dominated. It went on a little too long and they were losing some of the crowd. The end came when Nick Miller went for a high cross body, but one of the Authors (I forgot which one) rolled through for the pin.

Post match: The Authors kept attacking, but TM61 got the upper hand and hit stereo dives to send the crowd home happy. 


– After the main event match, the ref put up the X symbol as Nick Miller was in some discomfort. He was walking with a noticeable limp. While a trainer did come out, Miller walked out under his own power.

– Tom Castor, who’s a 15 year veteran referee,  worked as a referee for the show. He is not one of the normal stable of NXT referees, but with one of the full time refs moving up the main roster, they may be in need of another one, especially for the split crews.

– Meet and Greet before the show was: Tucker Knight, Niko Bogojevic, and Danielle Kamela

– NXT will return to Orlando on September 30, but at a new location. They will be at the Engelwood Neighborhood Center. The Orlando Armory has been a staple of the NXT house show loop, but it’s lack of air conditioning can make it a miserable place to run a show in during the summer.

– Not a single person who worked a match on this show had merchandise available at the merch stand (or even on WWE Shop).