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Wade Barrett Talks About How He Thinks The League Of Nations Should Have Been Presented, What Does He Think The Purpose Of The LoN Was?

This WrestleZone Radio exclusive features WZ Daily’s Nick Hausman interviewing former WWE Superstar Wade Barrett, real name Stu Bennett.

Stu’s appearance is in conjunction with his upcoming lead role in the movie Vengeance.

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On what ideas he and the other members of The League of Nations had to try and make the stable a success:

WB: The obvious answer is a heel group with a potential World Champion who had the Money In The Bank briefcase. You really want to be dominant along the lines of The SHIELD, The NEXUS or something like that… at least The NEXUS at first. We had a natural charisma together but it felt like we had very few segments to display that. The majority of the time it would be Sheamus coming out and talking while we stood behind him. I just don’t think that we focused much on trying to get over our natural charisma and natural friendship. It was just the storylines and I don’t know what we could have done. There were plenty of ideas thrown about but ultimately we were there as foils for Roman Reigns. We needed to help him with his WrestleMania push.

Some of the topics in this interview include:

  • His role in the upcoming film Vengeance
  • The differences in putting together a fight for a movie as opposed to a pro wrestling match
  • Why he doesn’t think the Bullhammer Elbow was an effective finishing move
  • How he presents himself as a babyface as opposed to a heel
  • WWE’s decision not to turn him face once the Bad News Barrett character got over
  • Why WWE doesn’t always push wrestlers the way fans want them pushed
  • What it was like working with the three other members of the League of Nations
  • Whether he was actively pitching ideas when he was given gimmicks that weren’t working
  • Plans that he and the others members of the League of Nations had for the stable that never saw the light of day
  • Whether he noticed that Rusev and Lana had heat on them from WWE management during the League of Nations run
  • Conor McGregor’s outspoken comments about Brock Lesnar and WWE Superstars
  • WWE’s decision to make part time wrestlers exempt from the WWE Wellness Policy
  • His King of the Ring win and what role he thinks the King of the Ring could serve in WWE today
  • His future pro wrestling plans
  • More…

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