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Jim Ross Blog: Thoughts on Ambrose Calling Lesnar “Lazy”, Damien Sandow’s TNA Debut, WWE Incorporating LGBT Characters on TV

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A new Jim Ross blog has been posted over at and below are some highlights.

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I find it refreshing that @WWE is gong to likely include LGBT content in future storylines. It’s the world that we live in and all people of all races, colors, creed, religious persuasion and sexual orientation should be respected. That’s about as political as you will hear me get in this space.

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Interesting comments made this week by Dean Ambrose and by Daniel Bryan regarding Brock Lesnar being “lazy.” If true, and I’m not saying that it is as I’m not around Lesnar whatsoever, could it be because Brock is residing the dreaded “comfort zone” which is an area that adversely affects professional careers in many fields and certainly negatively affects relationships of all kinds?

The next time Lesnar and Ambrose are booked together should be most interesting.

Really nice bout on WWE Cruiserweight Classic Tournament Wednesday night with Cedric Alexander and Kota Ibushi.  Alexander is especially an attractive prospect for WWE as he speaks English which gives him the slight nod over Ibushi IMO. Don’t get me wrong, Ibushi is a young star in the making and WWE would be well served to sign them both and likely will.