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Goldberg on Colin Kaepernick Controversy, Thea Trinidad On Her Late Father’s Influence On Her Career, Lucha Underground PaleyFest Details

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Lucha Underground 

Lucha Underground will be a part of the El Rey panel at PaleyFest tomorrow night, featuring appearances from the following Lucha Underground talents and personalities: 

Lucha Underground Panel featuring:

  • Fenix
  • Vampiro
  • Taya
  • Catrina
  • Melissa Santos
  • Eric Van Wagenen, Executive Producer & Showrunner
  • Skip Chaisson, Executive Producer
  • Chris DeJoseph, Co-Executive Producer & Head Writer

Click here for complete details on how to attend the event. The El Rey panel at PaleyFest will start at The Paley Center For Media at 6:00 p.m. PST in Beverly Hills, California.

Goldberg on Colin Kaepernick Controversy

As noted, Bill Goldberg recently auctioned a custom Auction Americas belt at Auctions America in Auburn, and during the event the former Champion made reference to the controversy over San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who has been sitting or kneeling during the national anthem as a form of silent protest.

“In a day and age where you have professional athletes not willing to stand and honor that flag, I’m up here to say I’m completely against that,” Goldberg said. “There’s no cause worth fighting for when you step on the people who have tread the ground for you, who have sacrificed lives, who have fought for nothing but that flag.”

Thea Trinidad

The Associated Press published a new story by Jennifer Peltz featuring stories shared by some of the children affected by losing loved ones in the 9/11 attacks back in 2001.

With the 15th anniversary of the event approaching, Peltz published stories of how these children have grown into adults, and how the 9/11 attacks have changed their lives. One of the people featured in the piece is Thea Trinidad, aka TNA Knockout Rosita, who lost her father that day:

Thea Trinidad: 


Thea Trinidad’s pulse thumped as she walked out on the floor of Madison Square Garden as part of pro wrestler Adam Rose’s entourage in 2014. It was the first time she’d been there in her own wrestling career. And the first time since she’d been there with her dad.

Looking up at the seats where they always sat “was like a punch to the heart,” she says.

She was 10 when she overheard her father calling her mother to say goodbye from the trade center’s north tower, where he worked as a telecommunications analyst. Growing up, she pondered how to honor him.

“I thought: ‘What was it we shared the most?’ And it was wrestling,” she recalls.

Michael Trinidad was a former high school wrestler who didn’t flinch when his tomboy daughter did leaping moves off the furniture. In fact, “he’d say, ‘No, you’re doing it wrong — let me show you,'” says Thea, 25, who lives in Tampa, Florida.

At first, the 5-foot-tall wrestler didn’t let on about her dad as she backflipped and body-slammed under the monikers Divina Fly and Rosita. (She now uses her own name). She didn’t want anyone thinking she was making a play for sympathy.

After her story emerged, Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine named her Inspirational Wrestler of the Year in 2011.

She says she feels her father’s spirit every time she goes into the ring.

“This one’s for you, Dad,” she tells herself. “Protect me out there.”

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