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Identity Of Bar Patrons In Cesaro / Sheamus Bar Fight Segment On WWE RAW, Rollins Ambushes Jericho In Parking Lot (Videos)


The above video features a backstage segment from tonight’s WWE RAW, showing Seth Rollins attacking Chris Jericho in the parking lot.

According to Kevin Owens earlier in the show, Rollins was not cleared to be there, but ended up making a surprise appearance. Jericho and Owens had a bit of a blow up over Owens wanting to prove himself alone, and Jericho decided to leave for the night, but ended up on the wrong end of an attack by Rollins

Sheamus / Cesaro

The following video features Sheamus and Cesaro getting into a bar fight with some patrons who were mocking them. The two women shown in the segment were Tessa Blanchard, daughter of wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer Tully Blanchard, and Women Of Honor / Queens Of Combat’s Kennadi Brink.

Some of the men involved in the fight were confirmed by a few fans and AML Wrestling to be AML Wrestling and PWX Wrestling roster members. Both promotions are based in North Carolina.