Figure Friday: WWE Elite 45 Lord Steven Regal (William Regal) (Photos)


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Hey guys! Welcome to another installment of Figure Friday! Remember you can keep up with me and my latest wrestling figure photography on my Instagram and my latest wrestling figure videos on my YouTube!

This week I take a look at the WWE Elite 45 Lord Steven Regal, aka William Regal!

I have to say this is probably one of the overlooked figures in this set as it honestly is my favorite one in Elite 45 if I truly had to pick. He has a few flaws, but I still think it’s a gem in the series. You can get him currently on, and at Walmart and Toys R Us stores.

Let’s take a look at Regal in the packaging first. As you can see it has the Elite Flashback logo as he is a throwback figure to his gimmick back in WCW. I was so young at the time I don’t even really remember him like this to be honest, but I of course remember his Attitude Era days where I truly got to know him.

This figure comes with his entrance robe and collar ruffle, his only accessories. The detail on the accessories is nice, but we’ll get into that shortly. On both sides of his box you can see his name, followed by the WCW logo and a photo of him. On the back it has some stats about him, a larger image as well as who else is in the set, which includes: Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Lex Luger, D-Von Dudley and Bubba Ray Dudley.

Looking at Regal out of the packaging you can see him in his robe and collar ruffle. Both pieces are made out of rubber, making it impossible to pose him. It’s mainly for display purposes as unfortunately Mattel rarely makes cloth goods for figures these days. The detail on the robe is great, from the sleeves to the trim on the front and back. The collar ruffle just clips around his neck, but you can see the “ruffled” designs to give it an authentic look. When you go to remove Regal from the robe be very careful, as it is hard to pull him out of the sleeves. I recommend squeezing his arms with your hand and pulling him outward with the opposite hand to kind of remove him in a straight shot. Just do it slowly as you don’t want to rip the rubber or break the figure for that matter.

Once you remove him from the robe and collar you can see it’s a very simple figure, but he was a very simple looking guy back then. Looking at him here I feel he’s still a bit too thin. I don’t know how thin he was back then compared to how I remember him in WWE, but I know he was a little bit thicker than he is here. Don’t get me wrong it’s still nice; he just looks less chubby than I remember. Another complaint really is his legs, which is due to the way he was packaged. The plastic squeezed his legs, causing them to bend outward, which explains his awkward stance. My last complaint, which is the biggest complaint I’ve seen on this figure, is the fact Mattel painted “socks” over the top of his boots rather than painting his legs right under his knee pad where it meets the swivel boot joint…this is by far the laziest thing I believe I’ve seen Mattel do in all the years they’ve had the WWE license. It just looks really stupid…and seeing as it was painted they could’ve painted the leg instead. Besides those few things he looks great.

His head scan looks just like him, with his sour expression I always remember him having. He has his thin white wrist tape as well as his tattoo on his left forearm, which is so small you may miss it if you’re not looking close enough. Besides that he has the wrinkle designs on his tights and on his pads and boots, making them look more authentic.

Overall, as I said before it’s probably my favorite figure in the set. He has all the typical Elite articulation and I’m glad they give him the chubbier looking torso than the ripped torso like Ric Flair had that I reviewed last week. If you can look past the socks on his boots, you could even remove it if you’re familiar with how to do that and just paint the socks properly on his legs, then I recommend picking it up. I feel a lot of people will be overlooking this figure. Pick it up!

Look for a new episode of Figure 2 Photo on Monday on WrestleZone’s Facebook and YouTube showcasing how I made the photo with Regal above!

Thanks and I’ll see you next week!