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NXT Canberra Live Event Results (12/6): Roode and Joe Team Up, Elias Samson Sings Oasis, TM61 vs Revival and More (Photos and Videos)

WWE NXT Canberra Live Event Results


Canberra, Australia

Results courtesy of PWInsider.com

TM61 opened with The Revival, lots of Aussie chants, TM61 pick up the win with their finisher.

Blake vs. Patrick Clark up next, not a lot of interest outside of a Tyler Breeze and Let’s go Tyler chant directed at Blake before Clark winning with a fameasser.

Ember Moon vs Aaliyah is next. Aaliyah pulling out the helluva kick at one stage but Ember Moon with her stunner for the win.

Akira Towaza agaist Murphy is next.  urphy winning with a spinning sitout powerbomb from the corner. Lot of teasing a heel turn by Akira, taking ages to shake hands at the start. After the finish they hugged in the ring.

DIY faced Tino Sabatelli and Rich Swann, missed most of the action due to small medical issue, DIY ended up winning.

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay against Liv Morgan and Asuka, interestingly there was no Aussie, Aussie, Aussie chant for Peyton and Billie which was unexpected. Liv took most of the match, Asuka with the Asukalock on Peyton to finish the match. Few comedy spots with the heels acting scared of Asuka and picking on Liv, they also insist on being call the most iconic duo in NXT.

Elias Samson with the interrupt, a lot of heat and the crowd chanting for him to play Wonderwall. He agreed to if the crowd sung along and so the first verse was done and then he sang insults to the crowd and town to the melody as the second verse before Oney Lorcan came out and eventually got the win with a roll up as Sampson argued with the ref for taking the guitar away before he could use it on Lorcan.

Main Event was Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode vs. Tye Dillinger and Shinsuke Nakamura. Impossible to describe the enjoyment from the match. Ty took a lot of the offense for the faces while the heels were 50/50. Match ended with Kinshasa to Roode as Joe was on the outside, shook his head and walked away disgusted at Roode. Night ended with Shinsuke in the ring alone soaking up the cheers before heading to the back.

The arena was mostly taped off, I don’t think there was more than 1k in attendance and they started to offer 2-for-1 ringside tickets last week. Given there is only about 300k people in the town but still got so few I don’t think we’ll get another event for quite a while, if at all, so it was worth attending even with the crowd starting off dead and slowly working up. I think the lack of events meant that most people weren’t sure how to act or react until they started to take cuess from people who were more knowledgeable.