Lucha Underground Results (12/14) – The Bulls Tournament Continues, Drago vs Kobra Moon


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Lucha Underground Results

December 14th, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

First Match: Killshot vs. Dante Fox vs. Mariposa vs. Jeremiah Crane in a Semi-Final Match in the Battle of the Bulls Tournament 

Crane drops Fox with a Bicycle Kick immediately after the bell rings. Killshot with a leg lariat to Mariposa. Killshot connects with a leaping knee strike to Crane. Crane responds with a boot to the face. Killshot ducks a clothesline from Crane. Killshot connects with the hurricanrana. Killshot with a Uranage Slam to Crane. Killshot with a low basement dropkick for a two count. Mariposa ducks a clothesline from Killshot. Mariposa drops Killshot with a running shoulder tackle. Mariposa sends Crane crashing to the outside. Fox with a enziguri to Mariposa. Fox fires up with separate suicide dives for Crane and Mariposa. Fox follows that up with a Somersault Plancha on Killshot. Mariposa lands a back elbow in the corner. Mariposa with a basement dropkick off the top rope.

Mariposa with a flying crossbody onto Killshot on the outside. Fox leapfrogs over Crane. Crane knocks Fox off the ring apron with a springboard clothesline. Crane follows that up with a suicide dive. Killshot with a twisting plancha onto Crane and Fox on the outside. Crane brings out a steel chair. Crane throws a chair at Killshot face. Crane flings a collection of chairs into the ring. Crane stacks up eight chairs in the middle of the ring. Crane places Killshot on the top rope. Fox with a clubbing forearm to the back of Crane. Crane and Fox goes for the double superplex, but Marpiosa counters with the Tower of Doom that sends Killshot, Crane and Fox crashing through the chairs.