Lucha Underground Results (12/21) – Sexy Star/Mundo Cage Match, The Battle Of The Bulls Tournament Concludes


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Lucha Underground Results

December 21st, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

First Match: The Mack vs. Brian Cage vs. Jeremiah Crane vs. PJ Black in the Finals of The Battle of the Bulls Tournament 

Bell rings and all four competitors engage in a knuckle lock. Cage kicks Mack in the gut. Cage clotheslines Black over the top rope. Cage connects with the release german suplex. Cage with a boot that knocks Crane off the ring apron. Black drops Cage with a leg sweep. Black goes for a springboard moonsault, but Cage ducks out of the way. Cage goes for a Chokeslam on Crane, but Black SuperKicks Cage. Black and Crane are knock down by double enziguri’s. Mack with the cover for a two count. Mack connects with a fallaway slam. Mack with a standing moonsault on Black and Crane for a two count.

Crane lands a big right hand. Crane slaps Mack in the face. Crane connects with the dragon screw leg whip. Crane with a springboard clothesline that knocks Black off the ring apron. Crane connects with a baseball slide dropkick. Mack drops Crane with the Somersault Planca. The onslaught continues as Cage connects with the Somersault Plancha. Black with a springboard moonsault onto Cage, Crane and Mack on the outside. Crane launches Black face first to the ring apron. Crane goes for a cannonball off the ring apron, but Cage counters with a delayed vertical suplex.