Reaction To Emmalina Debut & Backstage News On Why It Happened, Who Should Take The Character


My latest column for (download the upgruv app) is about the Emmalina “debut” on RAW. Here’s an excerpt:


On Monday Night RAW, in 17 seconds, 17 weeks was scrapped.

It was more than four months of seeing sexy video promos of the female talent, who once just performed as Emma, on a beach and her voice narrating the theme of some sort of transformation she undergoing to become Emmalina.

When performing as Emma, we saw talent in the ring and she showed off her quirky traits headlined by her odd dancing. But it wasn’t anything that was regularly seen or memorable to stand out in the growing field of talented female performers making up the Women’s division.

This past Monday was supposed to finally be the unveiling of Emmalina to a live audience. I was hoping for something like 1993’s “The Narcissist” Lex Luger.

But we got nothing even close to this or anything else sucessful.

Emmalina said she was going to now transform back to Emma. This is all a bit to Doctor Who for me and I don’t even like that show.

Notice the 2 to 1 ratio of dislikes to likes on the video. That never happens with a WWE video.

Ryan Satin, Editor of, reports the awkward debut was the result of the original plans being scrapped. He noted WWE officials weren’t feeling confident in the performance given in rehearsal. Basically Emma really couldn’t transform herself into the vision of Emmalina that her bosses had for her.

Here’s to hoping she gave every ounce of effort in trying to embody what was asked of her in Emmalina before it being scratched. Otherwise, if it was just a case of not willing to step out of the box and put in full commitment in taking creative direction—that could be a career defining mistake.

Whatever paying job you don’t want to do, there’s always someone behind you willing to do it for less. This especially holds true in the entertainment industry. Professional Wrestling is part of the entertainment industry and very much applies.

There are hundreds of girls around the world working the independent professional wrestling scene who would do whatever it takes to become Emmalina on national television. There are hundreds of guys who would do what it took to be Emmalina if it got them working for WWE on national television and making more money than what they would otherwise be.

Where WWE might have gone wrong in this and WHO could take this character in the future—CLICK HERE.