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Paul Heyman, “Support Your Local Wrestling Promoter”; Loser Leaves Town Match Tonight On NXT

Paul Heyman, “Support Your Local Wrestling Promoter”

Paul Heyman has posted his latest article for Yahoo News. This one is titled “Support Your Local Wrestling Promoter” and takes a look at all of the festivities going on in Orlando around WrestleMania.

You can find an excerpt below. The full article can be found HERE:

A few years ago, my protégé Gabe Sapolsky, whose stellar work in discovering and developing great talent cannot be overstated, called me in the middle of the night and asked, “What do you think about me putting on a show during WrestleMania week?” My answer, at the time, caught him off guard. “I wouldn’t do it,” I cautioned my prize pupil from my days as the owner and creative head of ECW. “It’s WWE’s week. Unless you can steal the audience away, or draw a bigger house (sell more tickets, generate more revenue at the box office), you’re just riding WWE’s coattails, exploiting their week, and even if your show is infinitely better, you can’t be perceived as being any better than second place. Why ever be number two, especially in direct competition?”

Since that advice was given, it seems the entire pro wrestling community wants a bite of that WrestleMania apple. As World Wrestling Entertainment gears up for the biggest week of the year in sports entertainment, the number of events, conventions, appearances, meet-and-greets, et al. headed to Orlando is mind-boggling. People will be flying in from all over the world to attend WWE’s annual showcase, and almost everyone who has a stake in the industry itself is setting up shop in Orlando to capitalize on the opportunity to audition their presentation and/or gain access to all that available cash coming into one centralized location. Even WWE’s very own developmental brand, NXT, presents its biggest shows in conjunction with the parent company’s most celebrated event.

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Loser Leaves Town Match Tonight On NXT

Tonight’s episode of NXT on the WWE Network will feature a Loser Leaves Town match between Kassius Ohno and Elias Samson.