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Alexa Bliss On Being a Heel, Her Transition from NXT to WWE, Growing Up A Wrestling Fan, Not Being Able to Watch the Attitude Era

Alexa Bliss - Tapout Fitness WWE Special Event
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WWE Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss was the most recent guest on the ‘Talk is Jericho’ podcast with Chris Jericho. You can listen to the entire interview at this link. Below are a few of the highlights from the podcast:

On Being a Heel:

It’s a lot of fun. Like when I first found out that I was going to be a heel I had really bad anxiety because the character I portrayed before that was very bubbly, very Princess, completely not relatable whatsoever, so when they told me I was going to turn heel I had very bad anxiety because I don’t know how to be mean and make someone hate me so I had anxiety over it. We would have heat drills inside the Performance Center and I would just stop and start crying. In heat drills, you practice being mean to somebody. You grab your opponent, put some heat on him, say something mean and just keep going. It’s a really cool drill, but I would just have really bad anxiety, but then once I got used to it it just became so much more fun.

On How the Transition Going From the Developmental System to WWE:

It’s like going from High School to College, for sure. It was really cool because it was kind of that moment when you realize what all that hard work over the years went into in developmental and just having that larger crowd was amazing. Adapting to the travel and the people; I loved having the girls on SmackDown. They were all so welcoming and I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

On Growing Up A Wrestling Fan:

I absolutely was a wrestling fan. My whole family—big wrestling fans. I watched it since I was 6 I think, about 6. My cousins and I had a blow-up pool that didn’t have water in it, so we pretended to be the Hardys and Lita, so we were jumping in in the pool and acting like we were wrestling. We watched Raw every Monday, we had Pizza and my family watched it. I wasn’t allowed to watch the Attitude Era because my mom told me to clean my room once and I was like, I have two words for you, so I put my arms up to do the ‘Suck It’ and she was like, you’re grounded, and I was like, that’s not how it goes. So I wasn’t allowed to watch the Attitude Era, but my mom would let me watch it anyways at my grandma’s.

On Her Purple-Tipped Hair:

I have always had colors in my hair. I used to always get some home from school all the time. I used to get sent home for having bright colors in my hair; whether it was blue, pink, purple and all this stuff. The thing was they were just fake hair pieces but I refused to take them out. I guess I just never grew up, so when I first started in NXT I had purple hair with blonde streaks. So I decided that I wanted all blonde with blue streaks and it was approved, but with that process, after having purple hair they had to strip out the color so I looked like Tony the Tiger. I had blonde and orange stripes for like four days. Then they dyed it blonde with blue on the bottom. Once I turned heel with Blake & Murphy on Wednesday night at NXT:TakeOver. Thursday morning we have tapings at Full Sail, I walk in and was asked where my red hair was and I said that nobody told me to turn it red. They asked if it can be red within the next 5 hours, so I had to call my hair girl to come to Full Sail and literally cut the bottoms off and spray paint this red dye on them. They asked me to make it red as a character change from good to evil, so they wanted this drastic change overnight with Blake & Murphy, and their gear is all red and black. We were done at Midnight and I came back at Noon. I literally had to dye my hair and my hair becomes half wet, doors are opening and we are the first segment with my hair still being soaking wet. Michael Hayes walks up to me and goes, what’s going on with your hair? I was like, I had to dye it red, so that was fun.