Kurt Angle
(Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)

Kurt Angle Praises Current WWE Champion & Reveals Worst Moment in Wrestling, WWE Polls Fans on Which Faction They Want Brought Back

Kurt Angle Hosts Facebook Q&A

WWE Hall of Famer and Raw general manager Kurt Angle held a Q&A session on his official Facebook page this weekend, and had high praise for the “King of the Cruiserweights” and current Cruiserweight Champion, Neville. Below are a few excerpts from the post.

Of all the WWE mid card talent, which do you see being a future main eventer? 

“I really like Neville. He has the ability to cross over from the 205 division to the HWT division. He’s so talented as a wrestler, and his character is strong. He can speak very well and his style will mesh well with the heavyweights. Almost like Rey Mysterio was able to mesh with the big boys. Neville is very talented.”

Who else should be in the WWE Hall of Fame? 

“Christian. Very underrated. He has consistently had the best matches, was a multi world champ and entertaining as hell. I love that guy.”

What was your worst moment in WWE as a wrestler? 

“Continuously breaking my neck. 4 times in 2 1/2 years. I kept rushing back to WWE by convincing my own doctor to clear me and that I was ready to return. I wasn’t. That was tough. Kudos to WWE for not allowing that anymore. Now you have to be cleared by a WWE doctor and they are strict.”

What is the hardest wrestling move to perform? 

“Sonjay Dutt has a move where he does a back flip off the top rope and lands with his feet on his opponents chest. I popped loudly when I first saw it. Incredible accuracy. If u haven’t seen it look for it.”

WWE Fans on Returning Factions

WWE.com has a new poll up asking fans which famous faction they most want to see return to the ring. The Shield is currently dominating the poll at 53%, followed by Degeneration X at 15%. Other options include the NWO, the Nation of Domination, the Nexus, Evolution and the Four Horsemen, all coming in at 10% or less.

With Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins now back on the same roster for the first time since last year’s brand extension, a reunion of The Shield actually isn’t off the table.