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WWE Changes ‘Broken’ Hardy Graphic (Photo), Vic Joseph Reflects on Raw Debut, Kane’s ‘Political Opponent’ Speaks Out in Parody Video

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Tonight’s episode of WWE RAW featured an interesting edit for a match graphic, as WWE changed Matt Hardy’s photo for his match against Sheamus during the show.

As seen below, the first photo featured Matt smiling like his ‘Broken’ character would, before WWE changed it to a more traditional photo. The change may end up being nothing, but it was interesting since it was done mid show; Matt did say ‘Yes’ in his ‘broken’ voice in his post match promo before delivering the rest in his normal voice.

Vic Joseph

The following video features Vic Joseph reflecting on his debut on commentary on this week’s episode of WWE Main Event:

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The following parody video from Comic Book Now features Kane’s political opponent Chris Killian speaking out against ‘The Big Red Machine’ and his past as he prepares for a real life political run in Tennessee: