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Al Snow Comments On Launching Collar x Elbow Apparel, What He Loves And Hates About Professional Wrestling In 2017

Al Snow recently spoke with Riju Dasgupta of SportsKeeda; you can read a few excerpts below:

Al Snow comments on his new Collar x Elbow apparel line: 


I have started a wrestling apparel company, and I believe it’s the only one by a wrestler, for the wrestling fan in all of us. I genuinely love wrestling. I’ve been involved in professional wrestling for 35 years.

CollarXElbow is for someone who loves wrestling in all its forms from catch-as-catch-can, to freestyle, to Greco Roman, to jiu-jitsu, to judo to MMA to professional wrestling. CollarXElbow is the brand for all of them. They can go here and we’re shipping them worldwide. They’re wonderfully comfortable well-fitted shirts and apparel, and they’re a way to represent how much passion and love you love for wrestling.

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Snow comments on what he loves about wrestling in 2017: 

The one thing I love about wrestling is the one thing I’ve always loved about wrestling. It is the ultimate backdrop for storytelling of human drama.

There’s nothing better than to watch a story of human competition and the drama and the human connection that happens between the audience and I’m telling you, it’s the most incredible experience you can have. Being in front of an audience, telling a story and having an audience connect emotionally and follow the story as you tell it.

Snow on what he hates about today’s product: 

The belief that professional wrestling has somehow changed. It’s evolved, it has grown, it’s developed. Professional wrestling has always been and will be a story about winning and losing.

The audience pays to see, who the wrestler is and why he did what he did, in the context of win and not lose. So many wrestlers these days have gotten so far removed from that very concept. I wish they would just steer their way to that. I think it would help professional wrestling as a whole flourish.


Snow also spoke with Nick Hausman for Wrestlezone Daily on Eric Bischoff’s IRW Network; Snow spoke about what led to his release from Global Force Wrestling / Impact Wrestling, donating a portion of proceeds from CxE to Cauliflower Alley Club, recent comments about wrestling ‘fan experts’ and much more. You can listen to the interview below: