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Nia Jax Takes A Dig At ‘Emmalina’, WWE Adds Sting & Undertaker Collections, Jessika Carr Feels Blessed To Be Part Of The WWE Family (Video)

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.org
Photo Credit: Wikipedia.org

WWE Network

WWE recently added new WWE Network collections featuring Undertaker (Undertaker: Dawn Of The Deadman) and Sting (Sting: The Icon Defined).

The following synopses were provided for both collections:

Undertaker: Dawn of The Deadman 

“From his menacing debut at Survivor Series in 1990 to a championship victory at WrestleMania 13, The Undertaker made his presence felt on day one and never looked back. Relive the Dawn of The Deadman with this collection covering the early career of the first ballot Hall of Famer.”

Sting: The Icon Defined

“A clash with Ric Flair put The Stinger on the map, standing up to The nWo made him a franchise, and joining the WWE Hall of Dame made him an icon. Relive it all with this definitive look at the man called Sting.”

Nia Jax

Nia Jax posted the following Tweet in response to Emma’s plea for a push on TV, taking a dig at her short run as Emmalina after several weeks of being built up:

We Are Family

The following video features WWE’s first full-time female referee Jessika Carr talking about what it is like working for WWE in NXT and on the Mae Young Classic: