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Asuka The Greatest & Most Valuable Ever To NXT, Her Future On The “Main Roster”

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This video is all about Asuka. It starts with Josh Isenberg making some bold statements on her importance.

Josh Isenberg: Folks, cold hard fact—Asuka is the best NXT Superstar of all time. Move over Finn. Move over Nakamura. Bobby Roode, nope. Finn Balor, nope. Sami Zayn ,Kevin Owens, the list goes on with great NXT Superstars but none have been as good as Asuka or who has been as good as she is for a very long time. Longevity, Asuka is 8-0 at NXt Takeover events.

Isenberg goes on to review some of the matches and milestones she’s had before continuing his reference to her importance:

Josh Isenberg: This woman did everything possible to be the best. She oozes charisma. Energy, excitement. She did more for NXT in two years, that’s why HHH called her the anchor to the show.

He continues by talking about how NXT moved on when it lost other stars, but Asuka will prove to be the biggest blow.

The show then shifts in studio where Justin LaBar and Juice Springsteen talk Asuka on RAW or SmackDown Live and what they expect.