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That Wrestling Club Wrestling Merchandise Crate Unboxing (Photos)

If you’re unfamiliar with That Wrestling Club you should check out their awesome mystery wrestling merchandise crates you can subscribe to every month! The awesome thing about theirs is that it’s not just focused on WWE, but also non-WWE wrestlers with exclusive merch and more!

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That being said, let’s take a look at the goodies I received in my crate this month.

One of the many awesome items I received in my crate was an authentic autographed 8×10 of Jim Ross himself. This 8×10 was printed specifically for TWC and has an authentic signature on it. This is great for anyone who grew up listening to the good ole’ JR much like myself! It’s nice they put it in a protective sleeve as well so it doesn’t ruin or bend in your box.

Moving on to the next item I got were WWE licensed nWo socks, which is part of the Odd Sox brand. Being a major fan of nWo growing up I couldn’t help but get excited about these. You can clearly rep the nWo everywhere you go now, whether you want people to know or not!

Next I got a Young Bucks “Too Sweet Journey” 2-DVD set. This DVD contains a documentary on the Young Bucks and their journey, including a dream match with the Hardy Boyz as well as interviews with people like Kevin Steen and Colt Cabana to name a few of many. I really like the box art to this set as well, just really colorful and will easily stand out in the wrestling DVD collection.

For anyone who enjoys the current wrestling pin trend, there’s an exclusive Kayfabe News themed lapel pin, which is a really cool collectible if you enjoy their satirical articles on the business.

The last big item in the box is a T-shirt from Marty Scurll, which is pretty cool. I really like the artwork of it as it captures the character of Scrull really well. Just cool to see more of an indy T-shirt in a mystery crate like this as I’m so used to the WWE Slam Crate.

Other small items in the box include an “The Elite” sticker, a print of a WWE Hasbro-style action figure of Jake the Snake (a great throwback to my childhood action figures) as well as a comical poster with “Dad Wrestling Jokes” on it poking fun at people and terminology in the business.

Overall, this crate is fun. There are many different companies that provide wrestling crates these days, but this one gives you some unique indy and WWE themed items, which is really cool honestly. I just like seeing the less “mainstream” wrestlers get their products out there as well as the WWE items, it’s just a great mix.

You can subscribe to their site at They are going to have some really cool unique items coming out soon that I can’t speak on yet, but I promise you will like it! Be sure to check it out if you want some unique WWE and non-WWE items in your wrestling collection as you never know what goodies you’re gonna get! Their October box will feature a Bray Wyatt item as well for Halloween so be sure to sign up soon if you want that!