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Who Is Winning The War Of Words Between Triple H & Jinder Mahal? (Video), Gabe Sapolsky Comments On Freshening Up Aspects Of EVOLVE

Who Is Winning The War Of Words Between Triple H & Jinder Mahal? (Video)


WWN’s Gabe Sapolsky recently spoke with Justin Barrasso for Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard; you can read a few highlights below:

“We are adding new wrestlers to the roster this weekend from total unknowns to elite talent like AR Fox, DJZ and WALTER from Germany. We are freshening up every aspect of the promotion from in ring talent to presentation. It is the start of a new chapter for EVOLVE and I feel completely rejuvenated about it.

“One of the ideas we have been playing around with is eliminating rope breaks. People take for granted that it is a part of wrestling, since it has been forever, but we asked ‘Is this an antiquated concept in today’s world where people are educated by MMA?’ I mean, there is fighting while on the cage in MMA. So we have discussed this in the locker room and got a lot of different ideas from the wrestlers. In the end, we decided to give it a test run so this Saturday in Queens, NY we are going to have Matt Riddle vs. Fred Yehi in a No Rope Break match. The exact rules and then how it comes off will be clear at the show, but I expect this to be a very interesting experiment and look forward to seeing the outcome.”

HHH vs Mahal

The following video features Cathy Kelley looking at the social media war of words between Jinder Mahal and Triple H to see who has the upper hand leading into their upcoming match: