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Impact Wrestling TV Taping Results For 4/26 *Spoilers*

The following matches and segments were taped at tonight’s Impact Wrestling TV tapings at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida:


Grado (w/ Katarina Leigh) defeated Caleb Konley (w/ Trevor Lee)

– Grado wins via pinfall with a Roll ‘N Slice

El Hijo Del Fantasma defeated Jake Crist (w/ Dave Crist)

– Fantasma won with a forward roll. Dave jumped Fantasma after the bell, then Fantasma made a comeback but Sami Callihan ran out and hit him with a bat. OVE tried taking Fantasma’s mask, but Pentagon Jr ran out for the save. He took out OVE and had a staredown with Sami, who ended up running away.

Grado (w/ Katarina Leigh) vs Eddie Edwards

– The match doesn’t start as Eddie ends up hitting Grado with a Singapore cane and yells at Katarina to get out of the ring. Eddie cuts a promo about having Sami Callihan beaten and bloodied, but his chance to end it was ruined, and he calls Tommy Dreamer to the ring. Dreamer tries to reason with him, but Eddie isn’t hearing it and Dreamer tries to tell him to move on. Tommy talks about Eddie and Alisha not speaking in a week, and Eddie asks how he knows that. Eddie gets knocked down, but he ends up responding with a Singapore cane shot that leaves Dreamer on the mat.

Impact Wrestling TV Taping Results From 4/24 *Spoilers*

LAX defeated DJZ & Andrew Everett

– Ortiz pinned Everett after the Street Sweeper. LAX then celebrated in the crowd with the titles

KM comes out to the ring for a promo and talks about trying to guide Fallah Bahh and taking him under his wing. KM says they need to call the company KMpact Wrestling and says this is all about him. He calls Fallah to the ring, who brings a piece of paper to him and says bye bye before leaving. KM reads it, and it says ‘KM you say you are a friend, but you’re still a bully. You need to grow up, and they will not fight’ but KM will fight someone else. KM thinks he will face Richard Justice, but finds out it’s Scott Steiner instead.

Scott Steiner defeated KM

– Steiner won via submission with the Steiner Recliner

Impact Wrestling TV Taping Results From 4/25 *Spoilers*

Madison Rayne defeated Taya Valkyrie

– Madison wins via pinfall with the Rayne Drop. She cuts a promo after the match talking about how great it is to be home. She says she wasn’t going to be an in-ring competitor, but she needs to capitalize on big moments. She says she made career moments by beating Taya Valkyrie and Tessa Blanchard, and now she has a chance to make another moment for herself, her daughter and everyone who supported her. Madison says she will now face Su Yung at Slammiversary and slay the undead bride. Su Yung’s laughter is then heard over the PA system, but no one shows up, and Madison leaves.