Kane’s Election Reportedly Tainted By A Cyber Attack; Wrestlers Who Are Also Politicians

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Kane’s Election Reportedly Tainted By A Cyber Attack

WWE Superstar, Kane a.k.a. Glenn Jacobs, recently won the Knox County Republican Mayoral election; however, new reports indicate that the election may have been interfered with by means of a cyber attack. According to CNET, Knox County’s website crashed for approximately one hour on election night. Current Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett is calling for an independent review,

“Although the crash did not affect the vote tallies or the integrity of the election, this is not something that should happen. I want to know what happened, and I think an independent review will help determine that so we can move forward and work to prevent similar issues in the future.”

Kane won the election by a mere 17 votes.

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Wrestlers Who Are Also Politicians

USA Today’s Commercial Appeal has an article documenting wrestler’s who have tried their hand at the world of politics. Included in their list are:

Those interested in reading the article in full may do so HERE.