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Glen Jacobs Comments On His ‘Humbling’ Election Win, The Undertaker’s Advice For Him, How He Will Represent The People

Glen Jacobs (aka Kane) recently spoke with Justin Barrasso for Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard; you can read a few highlights below:

Kane comments on his primary election win: 

“It’s really humbling. When you ask someone for their vote, you are asking them to place their confidence in you as the steward of the community, so it was humbling that people placed their faith and trust in me. I am thankful and honored for the opportunity. Knox County is home. I love it here and I love the people.”

Jacobs comments on grassroots movements translating to politics, and how he can help: 

“That translates to the political realm because you need to go out every day and give everything you have for your constituents and make sure their interests are represented. I think that’s why, nowadays, we’re seeing this backlash against so-called career politicians.

“People don’t feel their interests are represented, but rather it is the interests of the people in political office that are all too often being represented. In the political realm, when I say I’m going to give everything, that means I’ll represent the people to the best of my ability.”

Glen Jacobs aka Kane Officially Wins The Republican Nomination For Knox County Mayor; Jacobs Comments On His Victory (Video)

Jacobs shares Undertaker’s advice for him on the campaign trail: 

“His advice was to work hard and stay true to what I believe. He was always a great role model of mine. Night in and night out, he gave everything he could for the audience. That’s what I have always done in wrestling.”