Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

Exclusive: Alicia Atout On Making Her Impact Debut Tonight, Who In Impact Is A ‘Creative Genius’, How She Became A Pro Wrestling Fan, More

WrestleZone Radio has just released an exclusive interview with Impact Wrestling’s new backstage interviewer, Alicia Atout.

Alicia makes her Impact debut tonight at 8/7 pm CST on PopTV.

WZ has included some transcribed highlights from Alicia’s interview below. The full interview can be heard via WrestleZone Radio on iTunes or in the embedded audio player at the top of this post.

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On what made her a pro wrestling fan:

AA: It’s 100% my Dad. I owe all of it to my father. When I was super young he’d have a bunch of friends over to watch wrestling and I’d be plopped on the couch at the age of like two or three watching with them. I just never grew out of the phase. Fast forward 21 years and I am still watching wrestling with my Dad and family. We all get together for all of the PPVs. We will actually all be together watching my debut tonight on Impact. It’s very cool.

On who was it that first made contact with her to bring her into Impact Wrestling:

AA: It was actually Scott D’Amore. Originally, early on, I would do things at his BCW shows, where he is the founder. They would do co-shows with Impact so I actually did some of the backstage promo work for them. The next thing you know we’re having a couple of conversations and… we’re here.

On who she is going to for advice backstage in Impact:

AA: It’s really nice because everyone is so open backstage in Impact. That’s amazing. They are really just like one big wrestling family. I know that sounds corny but it’s the truth. It’s great knowing that I can go to Josh Mathews or Madison Rayne anytime that I need some advice. Someone that has really helped me is Jimmy Jacobs. He is just such an incredible mind and anytime that he is on one of my promos I just find I walk away learning so much. I love watching the way that he works. He is always very frantic but he comes up with some really great ideas. I feel like I learn so much from him and he’s a creative genius. He always gives me advice.

On if she has any interest in stepping in to the ring to wrestle:

AA: That hasn’t been something I have discussed with Impact but it’s something that has been brought to my attention by other companies and a lot of fans. I dunno, I think I’m a bit of a peach. I am a bit of a baby when it comes to that. I have so much respect, not just for the ladies, but everyone who goes out there. I have so much respect for them. I don’t think I could do it. I think I am going to just stick to holding the microphone. I’ll stick to that side of things.

Here is Alicia’s official Impact Wrestling bio:

Passionate and driven, twenty-three year old Canadian Alicia Atout is the creator and owner of international interview website AMBY, where she hosts fun and unique interviews with her favourite wrestling superstars, legends, and musicians.

Atout began hosting music interviews at the young age of seventeen and with the rising popularity of her videos, was able to expand and parlay her life-long love of professional wrestling into also hosting interviews with wrestlers.

Known for her well-researched and conversational style of interviewing, she has hosted thousands of videos with everyone from Metallica to Mick Foley, Fall Out Boy to Chris Jericho, and Dua Lipa to Kenny Omega and is quickly on her way to interviewing the entire IMPACT roster.

Atout has had the honour of participating in many committees for highly esteemed award shows, worked with some of the world’s hottest brands, and is always looking for the next incredible interview to bring to her fans.

In addition to her love of all things pro wrestling and music, she loves hot chocolate, anything high-waisted, and unwinding with some old school video games.