Superstar Billy Graham
Superstar Billy Graham during Superstar Billy Graham Signs His Book "Tangled Ropes" at Borders in Princeton - February 21, 2006 at Borders Books in Princeton, New Jersey, United States. (Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage)

‘Superstar’ Billy Graham Provides Update On Daughter After Contracting COVID-19 Virus

Good news coming out of West Palm Beach, FL as “Superstar” Billy Graham gives fans an update on his daughter Capella who Graham revealed to have contracted the Coronavirus. Graham went on Facebook to share that his daughter is indeed doing better and they both thank his followers for the well-wishes and positive feedback.

“A Huge Thank You – from my daughter and me to all you fine fans out there who send an overwhelming amount of FB responses of well-wishes and prayers !!! Some people can be very kind !!!!! My daughter is doing so much better and all of your support was just so special to her and me of course !!!! A few photos for you that have been up before. The shot of Arnold holding her at about 2 months old in Santa Monica is a classic of course !!!! Then the shot of Capella and ol JR back stage here in Phoenix some years ago is also a classic…thanks again fans and she has turned the corner health wise and on her way back to normal !!!! Peace……to one and all !!! Superstar Billy Graham”


Graham posted earlier in the week that Capella contracted the virus due to her husband being a first responder paramedic in West Palm Beach and that she experienced all the symptoms of COVID-19 described by the CDC. We at WrestleZone want to continue to keep the positive vibes going for Capella and all those affected by COVID-19 during this time.

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