Max Cruze

Max Cruze

Max Cruze is the newest member of the WrestleZone crew, hosting the new Mailbag Feature every Tuesday and Saturday. Max brings along an new sense of optimism to the WZ team, and is very open minded when it comes to the questions he answers. 

He has written for other wrestling websites in the past before jumping ship to WrestleZone. He has been writing about wrestling for about a year but has enjoyed it all his life. In addition to his writing, he has been featured as a guest on some of the world's most popular podcasts. He is also the host of his very own podcast, Cruzin For A Bruisin, which can be found at 

His Mailbag feature has been praised by many fans, readers, and writers alike stating that his "knowledge of the [wrestling business] is superb. He has been also told that his outlook on wrestling is "fresh, bold and imaginative".

Outside of wrestling, Max enjoys going to baseball games, playing football, and watching MMA. 

He can be reached at or on his twitter @MaxCruzePW