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D-Von Dudley: HHH Wouldn’t Have Laid Down For Me If ‘Reverend’ Gimmick Didn’t Work

D-Von Dudley made a name for himself by being part of a top-tag team. He has also played different roles as a professional wrestler. Recently the wrestling veteran opened up about his run as a singles star.

Dudley has been part of the wrestling business since 1991. He signed with WWE in 1999. He joined forces with Bubba Ray Dudley to form the Dudley Boyz. The two turned out to be one of the best tag teams in the history of the business. The duo had captured the tag team championships in several promotions. In the Stamford-based promotion alone the two held onto the tag titles a total of nine times.

In 2002, the WWE Hall of Famer went solo and portrayed the gimmick Reverend D-Von. During a recent interview with Good Karma Wrestling, D-Von Dudley opened up about the character. He was extremely happy

“The singles run that I had in WWE, I thought it was great with the Reverend D-Von gimmick, I thought it went fantastic. But there were certain powers to be within the company that basically stopped it. I’ve always said this, if you can get Vince at the right time and change his mind, it will be changed. I don’t care how powerful that man thinks he is, I have seen it personally. He’ll be dead set on something, someone comes in and changes his mind and it was over, and I felt like that’s what happened with me,” D-Von Dudley [H/T Good Karma Wrestling]

D-Von Dudley thanked Triple H for believing in the ‘Reverend’ gimmick

While speaking in the same interview, the WWE Hall of Famer shared the time he defeated Triple H in a one-on-one match. He thanked Hunter for believing in the character and also helping elevate the gimmick.

“I’ve always said, if the Reverend D-Von gimmick didn’t work, then HHH would have never laid down for me on Smackdown. Not only did he lay down, but the man gave me 50/50 of a match. If he didn’t believe in the gimmick, he would have never done that.”

Dudley also claimed that he believes that someone within the industry convinced Vince to abruptly end his singles run.

“Not to mention, I’m hitting promos with Vince the first time out, the people were reacting, the whole nine. It was definitely somebody in Vince’s ear that stopped it. Which is fine and ok because TNA gave me the singles run with Aces and Eights and the television title and I had a blast with it and loved every bit of it.”

The WWE Hall of Famer also revealed that he was elated to have a singles run in TNA, now known as IMPACT Wrestling.

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