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Santino Marella Would Like To Do Glamarella ‘Tribute’ In IMPACT Wrestling With Jordynne Grace

Santino Marella hopes to create some funny and hilarious moments while in IMPACT Wrestling, just like he did in WWE.

IMPACT Wrestling’s Director of Authority, Santino Marella, recently sat down with Alistair McGeorge of METRO to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about his time with Beth Phoenix in WWE as part of Glamarella, Marella put over the WWE Hall of Famer in a big way and admitted he would love to do a tribute act of Glamarella in IMPACT with Jordynne Grace.

“I knew Beth from OVW. I love Beth to death, her and her husband [Edge], they’re just awesome people,” Santino Marella said. “When two people really get wrestling, they get [the idea of] working together, they get the notion of making the people you work with look better and in turn you look better.

“She’s a very giving person, and that’s why we were comfortable giving each other as much as we could because we knew it would be reciprocated. She’s obviously a Hall of Famer, she’s amazing, man. I wouldn’t mind doing something, kind of like a tribute to that moving forward with Jordynne Grace. Her [husband Jonathan Gresham is] there so it’s kind of awkward.”

When asked if we could see him compete in an IMPACT Wrestling ring at some point, Marella teased that it’s possible, but his body is too banged up to endure a full-time schedule.

“I can wrestle a little bit. I can’t wrestle a full-time schedule, I think my body’s a little too beaten up,” Santino Marella admitted. “I was already pretty beaten up because I had a full judo career from the age of nine right through university. Judo’s pretty hard on the body, as well as amateur wrestling, football, that kind of stuff. I showed up and my neck was already bothering me a little bit, I already had knee surgeries and that kind of stuff. So, long story short, I can wrestle here and there. I’ll pay the price in the few days following the match in terms of stiffness, whether it’s in my neck or my back.”

Back in December, the parent company of IMPACT Wrestling Anthem Sports filed a trademark for the Santino Marella name after WWE allowed the trademark to collapse; Marella said despite not being able to use the name in the past, he never stopped being that character.

“I’ve never really stopped being Santino,” he said. “Alfredo kind of sounds a lot like Santino too, to be honest. So, it’s not like I haven’t been the character for a while. And I’ve always had the knack to be able to just snap my fingers and be in character in an instant.”

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What do you make of Santino Marella’s comments? Would you like to see Glamarella revisited between Marella and Jordynne Grace in IMPACT Wrestling? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.