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TNA Xplosion Results – June 14th, 2024

The following matches and segments are from the June 14, 2024 episode of TNA Xplosion.

The show opens with a “From The Vault” match. It shows the Team Impact vs Team AAA match from Bound for Glory 2017. It featured some huge stars from both companies, including EC3, James Storm, Eddie Edwards, El Hijo del Fantasma, Pagano and Texano. It was a fast-paced match that bent the rules slightly, much to the delight of the fans.

James Storm picked up the win for his team, hitting the Last Call on Pagano to earn Team TNA victory.

They followed this with “Around The Ring” with Gia Miller. She was joined by TNA Digital Media Champion AJ Francis, fresh off his title win against Laredo Kid. They discussed the recent rap beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. Francis revealed he was on “hip-hop’s side”, as he educated Gia Miller on the extensive beef between the two rappers.

This was followed by the “In Case You Missed It” segment. TNA Xplosion replayed the ABC vs Nic and Ryan Nemeth match from TNA Impact. After some tasty near falls, Nic Nemeth hit the DangerZone on Chris Bey to win the match.

This leads us to the main event, and only live match, of TNA Xplosion.

Jonathan Gresham vs Leon Slater

  • Gresham rolled up Slater for the pin fall victory.

In a surprisingly high-profile bout for TNA Xplosion, Jonathan Gresham battled up-and-coming English star Leon Slater in a fantastic match.

Gresham, now wearing an octopus/Great Muta-inspired mask, used his technical skills to down the high-flyer, but only after Slater hit some exciting moves on the former ROH Champion. Gresham soon took control of the Explosion main event. His experience in the ring was clear.

He worked the leg of Slater, which played into the finish. Slater was about to his 450 Swanton Bomb, but his leg gave out at the last second. This led to a series of failed pin fall attempts.

Gresham then knocked the referee’s mask off before nailing Leon Slater in the balls. He rolled him up for the three count, winning the TNA Xplosion main event.