mustafa ali
Photo Credit: Mustafa Ali via Twitter

Mustafa Ali To Hold A State of the Union On 6/27 TNA IMPACT

At the TNA Against All Odds pay-per-view, a video of X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali speaking ill of the people his home town, Chicago, Illinois was leaked. The former WWE Superstar recently discussed this issue with his assistant Campaign Singh.

Mustafa Ali mentioned that, due to the footage, people have falsely accused him of things. He demanded Singh find out who leaked the footage.

“We have an official crisis on our hands. You understand? Everything that the campaign has been moving forward to can come to an abrupt halt now because of this leaked video? No! You are not well aware because somehow some way at Against All Odds a video appeared with distorted audio and now people are making accusations and allegations. And we have to fix it. Better yet, we have to find out who leaked it. And that’s what I want you to do. I want you to put together a team of the best. Best. Best of the best. And I want you to find out who leaked that video. Understand me?”

Campaign Singh also suggested that Ali should address the people about the issue. Ali then stole Singh’s idea and claimed it as his own. He wanted Singh to set up a special State of the Union, which was confirmed for the June 27 episode of TNA IMPACT.

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