Escape The Undertaker
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‘Escape The Undertaker’ Director Would Like To Add More Lore In Potential Sequel

The New Day went toe to toe with The Deadman in the Netflix interactive movie Escape The Undertaker.

The director of Escape The Undertaker, Ben Simms recently sat down with Jeff Ames of ComingSoon to discuss making the film and interacting with the sure-fire WWE Hall of Famer. When asked what it was about the movie that made him want to work on it, Simms believed the character of The Undertaker would be perfect for an interactive film:

“The Undertaker is such an iconic character, and the initial concept just seemed to beg to be made as an interactive film,” Ben Simms said. “Together those were both very enticing. I didn’t know much about The New Day prior to the project, but once I got to know them as characters I couldn’t wait to work with them.”

When asked what the most challenging aspect of making Escape the Undertaker was, Simms revealed that the movie was filled on a very tight timeline:

“For a number of reasons, we were under a very tight timeline,” Ben Simms revealed. “Luckily the talent are all live performers so that was a huge plus. Our incredible crew was able to build and light every scene so we could essentially shoot almost as if it was a live show, yet still maintain high production value as well as the look and feel of a movie. In any production, you’ll always have budget and timeline challenges, but this was easily the fastest I’ve shot anything of scope.”

Simms also revealed that he has plans for sequels if the opportunity arises:

“You can always add to the back story,” Ben Simms said. “The Undertaker has a lengthy history of over 30 years and we were still able to fill in and add to some of the lore surrounding such an iconic character. If you stay true to the character and build upon that, it can be very exciting and can add a lot of depth to the character and the story.”

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