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Bronson Reed: WWE Elimination Chamber In Australia Will Mean The World To Me

WWE is set to go to Australia next year for the Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event. Australian-born wrestler “Big” Bronson Reed has reacted to the news.

WWE has conducted a few events in Australia, but perhaps none have been as big as Elimination Chamber. No episode of Raw, SmackDown, or NXT has taken place in the Land Down Under. The first and only special event that took place in Australia was the WWE Super ShowDown event. The main event of the night featured Triple H taking on The Undertaker.

Now, after almost six years, WWE is set to conduct its first ever Premium Live Event ‘Down Under’. The Elimination Chamber PLE is set to take place in Perth, Australia. It is scheduled to take place on the 24th of February, 2024. WWE announced it on all their social media platforms.

Following the news, Bronson Reed shared his excitement about the PLE coming to his home country.

“I am super excited. I always wanted to be a part of a WWE event in my home country. Now we have WWE Elimination Chamber, Perth. It means a lot to me. It’s almost a culmination of my whole career. I spent a long time in Australia, grinding on the Australian Independent Scene, hopefully trying to get eyes on the Australian wrestling scene. So to see an event like this in my home country, it’s going to mean the world not only to myself and the people in WWE from Australia like Rhea Ripley, and Grayson Waller, but also to all the wrestlers back home,” Reed said.

Only time will tell about what match Reed will be involved in at the PLE.

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Are you excited for Elimination Chamber, 2024?