Photo Credit: WWE

B-Fab To Natalya: Training With You Has Meant the World to Me

One of the rising stars in WWE is B-Fab, a member of The Pride. While she has not been wrestling frequently on WWE television, the former Hit Row member has been training regularly.

Recently, former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Natalya took to Twitter to share that B-Fab has been training with her. The Queen of Harts mentioned that she is very proud of B-Fab. Natalya also shared that she has had so much fun watching the latter grow.

“Very proud of how hard you’re working to be your best @TheVibeBri! So fun watching you grow. One percent better every practice—,” Natalya tweeted.

The former Hit Row member replied to the Queen of Harts by saying that she appreciated her. B-Fab also mentioned that one of the reasons that she has been getting better in the ring is the passion that Natalya has for the world of professional wrestling.

“Training with you has meant the WORLD TO ME!! Your passion for the business has grown my passion! Energy matching energy always! The ℬ???!????️??,” B-Fab tweeted.

Former WWE Superstar and current TNA Wrestler AJ Francis also recently shared that B-Fab is capable of doing a lot of things if given the opportunity.

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