Kevin Nash
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Kevin Nash Does Not Think There Is Any Upside To A ‘Kliq’ Documentary

One of the popular factions in the world of professional wrestling is The Kliq. The group includes WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman (a.k.a X-Pac), and Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque.

Recently, while speaking on the Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash shared that he has no interest in doing a documentary about The Kliq.

“What’s the death (in the Death of The Kliq)? Yeah (Life of tThe Kliq), and then on the what? The third day f****** Paul (Levesque) comes on off the cross and runs the company? What a loss for us,” Kevin Nash said. “The other guy’s running NXT…. You have to ask [Triple H if he will participate.] What’s the upside [of Triple H participating in the Life of Kliq documentary]? What’s the upside for any of us?

“The Kliq story? No [there is no upside]. Because the good parts are the debauchery and that’s not Shawn Michaels anymore. It never was Paul. But I mean…I’m over it… I am not over getting paid. I’m just over the fact that I don’t want to tell the same story 300 times.” 

Kevin Nash on the Who Killed WCW Documentary

The WWE Hall of Famer also shared his honest thoughts on the “Who Killed WCW” documentary.

“I’m giving it two and a half stars right now… But then again, I didn’t realize everybody would be… Would come back with like… And I’ll just have to… The only reference I can make to is, they must have been blowing some robots. They got a bitter metallic taste in their mouths. Just… There’s some bitter f***** b****** it’s just like… Like I just keep making references… The fact that f*** I got paid. My check p… I recall it being a job. Am I the only one?”

“I know that we walked around in the locker room and told everybody how much we were making. And said, ‘You need to go ask for more money.’ They thought the Sting money at 750, they thought that was still the ceiling. We killed it. This guy killed it.”

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