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Powerslam TV Review | Defy Dragon Spirit: Shane Strickland vs. Darby Allin (No DQ)

Powerslam.TV continues to add more great wrestling each week, and I will be taking a look at a past show in the streaming service’s catalog every Friday. This week’s show is Defy Now 7/4/19, which features two bouts from their Dragon Spirit event including a singles bout between “Swerve” and Darby Allin!

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Defy Dragon Spirit | The One Percent vs. The Uprising

This is for the DEFY tag team championship as The One Percent currently hold the belts. I’m not super familiar with either team, so I’m looking forward to seeing what each has to offer.

One thing I have to give major props to is DEFY’s production values. This looks much better than the Bar Wrestling and Smash Wrestling shows I’ve watched on Powerslam so far, and the commentary was properly mixed as well. They really do a great job putting together a great looking product and it can be a pain to get through some of the lower quality shows.

The champions are great at playing cocky heels and they even paid tribute to Rick Rude during their title defense. They spent much of the match on offense as they did an excellent job cutting off the ring and keeping a fresh man in. However, a hot tag was eventually made to Eli Surge of The Uprising. I found the reffing to be a bit messy here as there were multiple men inside the ring for a long portion, and even both members of The Uprising going for a pin at once, Despite some solid action. However, the action was still really enjoyable despite my nitpicking. In the end, the champs battled back into the match and proved too much for the challengers as they hit a great looking flying cutter for the win.

The One Percent are super talented and this was a really solid match. Very excited to see more of both of them.

Defy Dragon Spirit | Shane Strickland vs. Darby Allin

Very familiar with both of these guys and Strickland is one of my favorite wrestlers after his EVOLVE run. Really excited to watch this as it is the farewell match of “Swerve” after he signed with NXT.

These are both northwest guys and Strickland was THE guy in DEFY for the longest time and a long-reigning champion. This has the feel of a really big match, so props to them delivering something huge for Strickland’s goodbye. The crowd is really relishing in seeing him for one last time.

These two wasted no time getting off to a hot start and there was a great springboard arm drag spot to kick it off. Both men are familiar with one another, so we’re seeing plenty of reversals that show how much they prepped for the bout. Allin is such a great athlete and hit some awesome dives and corkscrews on “Swerve” before Strickland got his knees up to ruin a coffin drop attempt.

Once Strickland got on offense, things got a lot more brutal. He took the fight outside and started to slam Allin on the wooden floor multiple times. He then took out a chair from under the ring and threw it inside the ring. Since I’ve been complimentary to their production, I do want to point out that there was one commentating snafu where the commentator wasn’t aware it was a No DQ match.

“Swerve” continued to work Allin’s back and then locked in a camel clutch before deciding to use the chair. He propped a tired Allin on it and went to the top rope before Darby composed himself and countered with some grappling exchanges that ended in a key lock attempt. Some fantastic action then ends with Allin hitting a Code Red but unable to get the victory.

Allin’s momentum was halted after a vicious chair shot by “Swerve,” as he just chucked it at his head. He then slammed Darby on the chair, doing more damage to his back. Strickland then brought out duck tape and attached Allin to the chair he kept rolling off of. This allowed Strickland to hit his “Swerve stomp” on the chair, but Allin shockingly kicked out. Awesome match so far.

Strickland then told Allin that this is “Swerve’s house” before delivering a vicious knee to his face. The crowd then chants for tables but Strickland wants more knees. Allin then uses the bent chair to counter them and does a coffin drop with the chair onto “Swerve.” He goes for the pin but it wasn’t enough for the finish.

Allin brings in thumbtacks and then pours them in his mouth! What a wonderful nutcase. “Swerve” lands some stiff strikes but Allin is able to force his hand into the tacks and then stomp on it. Strickland gets some revenge as Allin is thrown chest first into the tacks and “Swerve” hits a JML Driver for a close two count.

Strickland is annoyed that he can’t put his foe away and Allin spits at him in a show of disrespect. Allin delivers an amazing looking up and over stunner and then uses the last supper to gain the pinfall.

Incredible match that has to be watched. Afterward, “Swerve” gives a goodbye speech to the DEFY crowd.

Can’t recommend this show enough. Two really great matches featuring talented wrestlers that are all going to be stars. Plus, DEFY has great presentation and is absolutely killing it both in-ring and out.

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