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Terry Funk Talks Eddie Gilbert’s Lasting Impact On The Wrestling Business (Exclusive)

When Terry Funk notes that someone made an impact on the history of professional wrestling, you best get that pen and paper out because the legend is about to speak some truths. The Funker recently did just that about the late Eddie Gilbert’s influence on business.

Today would have been Gilbert’s 59th birthday and Funk reflected back with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo on Gilbert’s time in ECW, noting that it was Paul Heyman who saw all the potential in “Hot Stuff”:

“He came to ECW and he performed in ECW and the reason why is because there was no other place for him. Paul E. again, he saw talent where nobody else did and Eddie Gilbert had all the talent in the world and Paul E. knew that. Paul E. could pull that out of an individual and a wrestler. He could pull it out and that’s exactly what he did with him.”

Funk was asked about Eddie Gilberts influence on the business during his short time with ECW in the year of 1993.

“This guy, he created so much that the wrestlers do today. He was one of the first modern high-flying, super high-flying superstars.”

Funk further breaks down his very own tenure under the Extreme Championship Wrestling banner, including his thoughts on Paul E’s backstage speeches, the ability of Sabu and more. You can here the full interview below:

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