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MSL On The Similar Philosophies Between He & Court Bauer In MLW; Learning Pat Patterson

In today’s world of immediacy where everything is at your finger tips, MLW COO MSL knows some people just like to kick it old school by flipping on their television and tuning into some pro wrestling during prime time. Fans can do that tonight as “The Restart” episode of MLW Fusion will air tonight at 10 PM EST on beIN SPORTS.

MSL talked about that “old-school” mindset with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo in an exclusive interview and he was asked about the synergy he and MLW CEO Court Bauer share when it comes to putting on a wrestling product.

“I’m sitting here at 37 years old and having been working for MLW since I was 19 years old,” MSL started off saying. “Clearly, Court and I got a good chemistry when it comes to how we put wrestling together. I think first foremost it comes down to the athletes because we kind of have a hands-off approach with a lot of stuff that maybe historically other promoters would really want to dig their fingers in and manipulate and I just think wrestling at it’s best when you let the fighters fight. So I think the similarity in philosophy plays a big role in it.”

A major league part of the two’s similarities in philosophy are that they both sat under some legendary learning trees.

“[Court’s] wrestling college was basically learning from Gary Hart and my wrestling college was learning from Pat Patterson and so you’re talking about two old school guys that have a very serious approach to how you treat wrestling and so I think that’s part of what we bonded over.

“I think the other thing though is like I’m like a very calm, passive (maybe too much so) and Court’s a little more energized, a little more aggressive and I think that we balance each other out and compliment each other that when you try to promote fights, you have to find that balance between making sure things are as exciting as possible, but also, you don’t want to run out of exciting things, right? And so I think we really help each other find that balance because maybe if it was just me, people would say, ‘Ah, things are moving a little too slow here, what’s going on?’ And that’s great.”

With MSL’s connections to Patterson and Court’s tenure in WWE the tandem also tend to get comparisons to the working relationship between Patterson and Vince McMahon.

“You can’t have two people trying to fill the same role, and the comparison I get sometimes is maybe because I learned so much at a young age from Pat Patterson, a lot of people don’t know that he’s close personal friends with my dad so I grew up around Pat and learning the business from him and Court you know was very high up with WWE for several years, working directly with Vince. If Court learned how to be Vince and I learned how to be Pat you look at the great working relationship that Vince and Pat had for so many years.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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