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Thunder Rosa Is ‘Locked & Loaded’, Putting Forth A Team Effort With Mission Pro For Women’s Wrestling

Thunder Rosa is taking the wrestling world by storm and there’s plenty that motivates one of the top wrestlers in the business today.

She flourished as NWA Women’s Worlds Champion in 2020, and she is also one of the top stars to set the bar for the AEW women’s division. Rosa finds a lot of happiness in seeing others shine, and fans can see that first-hand this Saturday when her San Antonio-based promotion, Mission Pro Wrestling, presents ‘Locked & Loaded.’

The all-women’s event, which can be streamed on Title Match Network (tickets are also on sale) will showcase a bevvy of rising women talent in the wrestling business. Notable names such as Red Velvet, Marti Belle, Madi Wrenkowski, Tesha Price and more have been featured on AEW Dark, Elevation, or NWA Powerrr, but Rosa explained that it is a complete team effort. Mission Pro is a promotion completely operated by women and even though Rosa is the owner, she credits all active participants and starts with Melanie Romero.

“She’s our right-hand girl,” Rosa said, noting her diverse level of expertise. “We go to her for everything and definitely she’s been helping us in another level that I didn’t think that I would be able to do by myself because I don’t have time right now. She runs our photography and she runs our show every Tuesday along with another person but she’s been so helpful for us and also the fans and some of our sponsors have been doing a lot extra and they just want to keep helping us and want to keep helping the women grow so it’s been a team effort.”

With that team effort comes trust and Rosa makes sure to have that synergy across the board, crediting AEW for allowing Mission Pro to utilize some of the talent brought in for Dark and Elevation tapings.

“One of the things that I would say about working with such an awesome company [such as] AEW is having to been able to use some of the talent that doesn’t necessarily come and do indy shows and now they feel comfortable to come into a place which is Mission Pro Wrestling and performing in front of our fans because they feel protected, they feel that we take care of them and that’s one of the most important things that we wanted to set for any woman that steps in the ring in Mission Pro Wrestling.”

And the women that will step into that Mission Pro ring come from all different walks of life. One of the headline matches happens to be Jennacide vs. Holidead and Rosa praises both for their passion on the canvas and behind the scenes. Jennacide, who most recently gave Kamille a run for her money on NWA Powerrr, has plenty to like both as a person and persona.

“I have a lot of fun watching her grow,” Rosa said, “And not only is she a great person in the ring, outside of the ring, she’s even a better person and we’re really happy that she’s part of the Mission Pro Wrestling family.”

Jennacide’s opponent also holds a special place in Rosa’s heart.

“Holidead, she’s my wife. I call her my wife. She’s very interesting. I don’t think people give her enough credit for what she does inside and outside of the ring. She’s definitely a great commentator, a ‘color commentator’ as she calls herself and it’s really good to see when you find a good opponent for her like Jennacide. This will be the second time they face each other and they can throw the house down, so we’re very, very excited about this match.”

The main event, however, features the AEW-rising Red Velvet against the Mission Pro Wrestling Champion in La Rosa Negra in a “Student vs. Teacher” contest. While AEW fans are well aware of how Velvet “stirs it up” with her boxing background, Rosa wants to make sure fans and companies take major note of Mission Pro’s defending champ.

“I don’t think La Rosa Negra gets enough respect. She’s been wrestling for a long long time. She’s very talented and very hungry,”  Rosa said before comparing the veteran to music legend Tina Turner and believes if given the right manager and the proper support her ceiling is limitless.

“I’m hoping that we can find that opportunity for her that is going to take her to the next level cause she is such a talented woman, mother, trainer and she has such great energy and I think she will be one of the ones that I will be, if she makes it, I will be very happy for her.”

Mission Pro Wrestling: Locked & Loaded starts at 8:30 PM EST/7:30 CST can be streamed live on the Title Match Network and if you want to attend live tickets can be purchased at

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