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Let’s Chat About Women’s Wrestling! — An Introduction To ‘A Wrestling Gal’

Let’s chat about women’s wrestling! But first, let me introduce myself. My name is Ella Jay—professional wrestling host, podcaster, interviewer, and now contributor, residing in Buffalo, NY! My passion for pro wrestling started spontaneously at the age of 11, scrolling through channels on a late night in the midst of Friday Night Smackdown. Ever since then, I have watched and attended numerous house shows and televised wrestling events, becoming further enamored by the art. So, I started my own podcast.

2019 saw the creation and launch of A Wrestling Gal podcast, which prides itself on providing the female perspective on all aspects of professional wrestling through insightful interviews and discussions. A Wrestling Gal incorporates women from all over the world in professional wrestling, from your favorite wrestlers to content creators to various wrestling personalities. Building communities and platforms where female voices are spotlighted and heard is essential, especially in an industry like professional wrestling that was rendered massively male-dominated for decades. I strive to strengthen and empower the female voice and presence in professional wrestling. Women eagerly and courageously knocked upon and busted the doors (and glass ceilings) down in this male-dominated business. They deserve to have their voices and their stories heard.

I, myself, suffered from the stigma of the traditional pro wrestling past. It was inherently difficult for females to participate or even simply enjoy the sport. Thus, my refusal to even acknowledge that I not only liked the sport, but had an intense love for it, lingered for years out of fear of scrutiny. Not only that, but the long-standing argument that “wrestling is fake” was almost always at the forefront on the rare occasions I mentioned professional wrestling. That strained my spirit for years, until I became emboldened by the spark and success of the women’s revolution.

Women were taking over and changing the game in professional wrestling—proving that their stories, their voices, and THEY matter. Women’s wrestling matters.

My first introduction to women’s wrestling vastly contrasts the women’s wrestling of today, but still, it MATTERS. The brave and trailblazing women’s wrestlers of the past helped carve the path to the present day. One of those pioneers, Mickie James, began my first chapter on women’s wrestling; and entranced me into an entirely new dynamic of professional wrestling.

Speaking of Mickie James, I’ve also had the immense pleasure of partnering with herself, Lisa Marie Varon, and SoCal Val as a part of Team GAW. Each is known for and met through their honorable careers in professional wrestling. They now produce and conduct a YouTube show together entitled “GAW TV” (Grown Ass Women), discussing topics ranging from wrestling, to fashion, to relationships and much more with exclusive guests! Wanting to extend their show onto an audio format, I now edit and produce the audio version of their shows onto GAWCAST: the Grown Ass Women podcast, which is available on all the major podcasting platforms! These three women empower me every single day, and truly motivate me to do even more in the world of professional wrestling.

So, I am proud to announce myself as a new women’s wrestling contributor and advocate to the WrestleZone platform! AND I am set to produce a BRAND NEW weekly women’s wrestling column on WrestleZone, highlighting women’s wrestling features, interviews, news, and more, entitled “Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up”, launching June 8th!

Women’s wrestling matters: forever and always.

Stay tuned for women’s wrestling news, features, and interviews, exclusively on WrestleZone!

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