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Ethan Page Is Delivering In Big Moments With ‘Men Of The Year,’ Reflects On Reinventing Himself In AEW

Ethan Page is making certain that the “Men Of The Year” moniker he and Scorpio Sky gave themselves isn’t just a tag team name. Just like his partner in crime, any time Ethan Page sees an opportunity to grab hold of a brass ring, he does, and he’ll have a big ring to grasp on Friday when he and Sky team up with a debuting Junior dos Santos in trios action against The Inner Circle on AEW Rampage in Miami.

Ethan Page sat down with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo ahead of the big fight on Friday to talk about facing Chris Jericho, who is not only a fellow Canadian but someone he also grew up watching. Page immediately made note of his maple leaf pride before bringing up his adversary’s home roots in question.

“I would say that I’m a little bit more Canadian than him since I’ve been here my whole career, he definitely hasn’t. I mean, I might move to America too one day, so maybe I shouldn’t talk too much trash. But I will say he was one of the people that was lighting wrestling on fire and representing Canada and just [having the chance] to share a ring with someone that’s had the career he’s had and kind of reinvented himself on so many occasions, it’s inspiring to me because I’m in the same wavelength of trying to be creative,” he said.

“You can look through my career and there’s sections like ‘Oh this is when he was doing this, this is when he was doing this,’ and I liken it to a Chris Jericho too,” Page explained, before praising Jericho for being able to extend his career as successfully as he has. “So having that long of a career and to have different ways of presenting yourself and reinventing yourself, I mean I’m happy to be a part of one reiteration of Chris Jericho’s career.”

In the past, Chris Jericho has compared his constant reinventions to David Bowie’s historic rock run and Ethan Page had his current musical counterpart in mind.

“Kanye and I’ll only say in the way he presents his music. Maybe the way he personally has kind of been the same, maybe matured over time, maybe had a couple moments where he lost his mind a little bit,” Page pointed out, “but so have I and he has never tried released the same album twice. I don’t want to be put in, ‘Oh, that’s Ethan Page.’ If this is what you think I am, it’s time to change it up.”

Dan Lambert will be at ringside on Friday, and the leader of American Top Team has been successful time and time again at stirring up the live AEW crowd with his ability to ruthlessly cut to the core of the male wrestling fan stereotype. His promos have gotten a great deal of feedback in the live arenas and on social media, and Page is all about Lambert laying a heel heat haymaker to those sitting at ringside.

“I think if you’re in the arena and someone comes out that you hate and it makes you go ‘boooooo,’ if I’m in charge, I’m having that guy talk every week,” Page said. “Like, what do you want? A show where everybody’s loved? That’s so boring.”

Ethan Page is known as being a notorious action figure collector, which one might think is a subject that Lambert could possibly taunt an unsuspecting fan for. Asked what Lambert thought about his side hobby, Page said they don’t talk about it much, but Lambert is somewhat of a collector himself.

“It’s kind of a known fact that Dan Lambert is a giant belt collector. He’s literally got like championship belts that were held by the champions and walked to the ring. This man’s collection is compared to nobody. Maybe Conrad Thompson could put up a fight,” Page noted, “but he’s a huge collector too. He understands. It’s something we don’t talk about. It’s just, ‘Alright, you do this, we’re gonna let it slide. You keep winning matches and keep kicking Jericho in the head we’re good to go.’”

Lambert has not been the only man to chop some wood on the mic. Just a few weeks ago, both Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky laid down a passionate promo in front of fans that drew a definitive line in the sand as to where he envisions himself in the squared circle hierarchy. This included a swift shutdown of “WHAT” chants to which Ethan believes had a simple solution.

“I don’t think I shut anything down,” he said. “I just think they wanted to hear what I had to say. That’s literally it. I just make sure that when it’s time for me to be on screen or even if I’m not speaking I want everyone’s attention. It’s not even something that I think about. I just always thought the more authentic you are, the more dedicated you are to your performance,” Page explained, “the more interesting you are and you’re trying to captivate, you have to exude that confidence and star-like quality.

“I hope we get more opportunities like that and you were saying I delivered it with conviction and passion and there wasn’t many opportunities up until recently where I was able to have full microphone control and to really just be myself. Plus, I’m so new in the company, it’s seven months, but relatively new,” he said. “I’m not trying to step on any toes, I’m trying to find my place and get comfortable. That night I was comfortable. That night, I just told myself, ‘Look, this is your moment and if it’s not, it’s gonna pass you by, so it’s time to deliver and I delivered. That’s what Ethan Page does.’”

Check out our full video interview with Ethan Page at the top of this post. You can read how he wants to reclaim the Canadian tuxedo (and how he’s only a piece of sh-t with people that I dislike”) at this link.

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