RJ City Thanksgiving
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Why The Wrestling World Should Be Thankful For RJ City (2021 Edition)

Wrestling on Thanksgiving? More like RJ City on Thanksgiving! Even your lowest basement dweller wrestling fan tends to favor Roman Reigns’ lengthy WWE Universal Title run, but the true streak we should all appreciate is how we at WrestleZone have roped Canadian RJ City into saying what he’s thankful for during America’s day of Thanksgiving. We’re up to year three as to “Why The Wrestling World Should Be Thankful For RJ City ” (2020 & 2019 editions) and the clicks show us that his thoughtful and rightfully condecending perspective packs a punch akin to what Rip Taylor did with his confetti throwing.

2021 happened to not be as big of a turd in the punchbowl that 2020 was considering we had some bittersweet happenings in this year post-pandemic. Fans are back and if you dismiss the median-level body odor musk of a wrestling fan, that’s certainly a good thing because it’s putting money back in the pockets of the competitors that compell us. The socialite layover we had made us appreciate being at live events all the more, but RJ City gave us something else to appreciate: a better evaluation of the people we have been wasting our time with:

“I am thankful for the people who use the phrase ‘back to normal’, because it reminds me not to include them in my new normal.”

Much like your degenerate gambler uncle’s piss-poor attempt at scalloped potatoes, that term is indeed vomit-inducing.  In a round-about way, RJ City set an example as to how you deal with your stir-crazy family around the turkey table by being on Celebrity Family Feud and what better way to hone your skills at a curt answer than seeing him and David Arquette play “Fast Money.”

Now some of us can be a bundle of nerves when heading over to ol’ mee maw’s place for Thanksgiving. Who knows what that old bag’s gonna yammer to hammer a further wedge between her and your sister while your brutal brother-in-law chews with his mouth open? Well why not embrace that with a cup or two of RJ’s “Hi, Anxiety” coffee? A nutty dark roast that will sure to jolt you out of your malaise of familial disorder.

Would you like some more words of wisdom from RJ? He can provide that to you along with the perfect Ruth Buzzi reference to briefly pop great-grandpa Rollie out of senilty via his Cameo or get an early jump on that Black Friday blood-letting by shopping on his Pro Wrestling Tees store or his own store full of self-reflective swag, including a shower curtain to wash all your insecurities away.

Happy Thanksgiving, America, Canada and hell, all of the Western Hemisphere.

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