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Mariah May Recalls ‘Amazing’ American Debut Match Against Lady Frost

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Mariah May, who embarked on her first-ever tour of the United States earlier this year. When reflecting on her international travels, “The Glamour” recalled her official debut match on American turf as a standout moment of the year for her.

On March 26, 2022, May stood across the ring from former IMPACT Knockout Lady Frost. There, the two battled at Battleground Championship Wrestling’s When Worlds Collide event in the old ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“I think my American debut was probably a really special moment for me, because it was my American debut,” May said. “It was like my 75th match [overall] and it was against Lady Frost, who is just, oh my gosh, what a superstar. She’s such a great person and a great professional, but she’s just phenomenal in the ring [too]. So to wrestle with her in the old ECW arena with so many legends and so many great wrestlers on the card and the crowd. Wow, [they were] so into it.”

Mariah May continued on to further explain why the match felt “really special” to her, citing the opportunity to “let go and enjoy” the moment — something she rarely gets to do in the squared circle. “When you’re wrestling and when you’re new, you’re worried about so many different things. When you’re in the ring, your brain is just constantly [turning],” she said.

“I’m a perfectionist, so sometimes it’s really hard for me to just let go and enjoy it. There was just moments in that match where I just looked around and just enjoyed it, the lights, all the crowd and being in there with Lady Frost, I was just like, ‘This is so great’ and she’s so good. It was so nice to get in there with such a talented woman and really kind of go for it and try and set the bar. It was really fun and it was just an amazing experience”

During the same tour, May also made her way to Texas and New Jersey. In addition, “The Glamour” appeared at various events during WrestleMania 38 weekend, including WrestleCon and New Texas Pro’s Cowboys From Hell show in Arlington. Looking back on her overall experience in the United States, May recounted it as “amazing.”

“I feel like I talk about it a lot, but it’s because I just had such an amazing time,” she added. “It was just incredible. The people were so kind. The fans were literally amazing. I did WrestleCon, so I did three days of WrestleCon, I did some other signings. I wrestled in [New] Jersey and Texas, which was like crazy. So it was just such a whirlwind experience and I’m just so grateful I got to do it. I’m definitely going to be back and it was an amazing experience. Definitely, you guys go big. Everything in America is big. The wrestling, the food.”

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Mariah May vs Lady Frost

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