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The Hex Showcased What They Can Really Do As A Team At ‘Empowerrr’

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Allysin Kay and Marti Belle of The Hex. The pair previously worked for IMPACT Wrestling, but were not teammates in those respective runs. Asked if they had a match that showed how much they’ve grown since their last IMPACT runs, Allysin and Marti both had the same match in mind.

Marti: I think both of us are really proud of our Empowerrr match versus Kylin King and Red Velvet. That was our fourth tag match ever, right? Fourth or fifth?”

Allysin: I think fourth.

Marti: That was our fourth ever tag match together, and well, one, obviously, we walked out as the NWA World Women’s Tag Team Champions, but also I think it really started to show people what we could do as a team. I really enjoyed our — I feel like it’s a lot of NWA matches — I really enjoyed our match against Pretty Empowered in St Louis, the St. Louis [Kingshighway] Street fight. I think people got to also see a really tough side out of us and even though the outcome wasn’t what we would have wanted, people just got to see how tough we are. Our match in the UK versus Rhia O’Reilly and Sky Smitson, that match with Pro-Wrestling EVE was also a really, really awesome. Personally, for me, [it] was a very special match.”

Allysin: “I agree with that. My first thought was the Empowerrr match. I feel like that’s really where we showcase what we can do as a tag team. We’ve had a lot of fun matches in NWA, especially as a tag team. I’ve had some fun singles there too, and those are available on YouTube. The pay-per-views I don’t believe are, but yeah,  I agree with everything Marti said.”

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